Sell Your HDB Flat On Your Own, Easy Step-by-Step Guide Here

Sell your HDB flat on your own without paying agent fee here. Learn how to find buyers for your HDB flat without a house agent and save on the middle man 2% commission fee.

This is your guide to sell your HDB flat in simple to follow steps that will save you paying the extra 2% commission fee. It is easy and you are able to access all resources in this comprehensive article.

So, whenever you are ready to start selling your HDB flat, start here!

If you are the owner or one of the owners of the HDB flat and would like to sell your HDB flat on your own, check out the to-do list here.

  1. Register Your Intention to Sell via HDB Resale Portal
  2. Put up Your HDB Flat for Sale Online
  3. Grant Your Buyer the HDB Option to Purchase (OTP)
  4. Submit the Resale Application to HDB
  5. Endorse the Resale Documents through the HDB Resale Portal
  6. Make Payment for the Resale Fees Online
  7. Voila! Time to attend your HDB Resale Completion Appointments When You Receive the Approval Document.

Check out Pre-sale Check List for HDB Flat Sellers

HDB Seller’s Quick Checklist

  • Meet the Minimum Occupation Period
  • Find your new home
  • If you are buying another flat, condo or house, make sure you have enough funds for the new purchase
  • Make sure there is no outstanding admin issues
  • Check to see if your flat is affected by any Upgrading/Estate Renewal Programme. Make sure that your buyers are eligible buyers in accordance with the EIP/SPR Quota policies

Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP)

Remember to do a pre-sale check before registering to sell online.

The minimum occupancy period (MOP) for all HDB flat owners who want to sell off their HDB flat needs to fulfil a minimum period of 5 years.

The period is from the day you collected the keys to your flat.  This excludes any non-occupancy, rental or infringement of the lease of your flat.

Other factors for sale eligibility include:

  • Type of flat
  • Purchase mode
  • Date of flat application

You can also check your Outstanding HDB Loans / Payments and Resale Levy information for fees that you have incurred, before you start to register your HDB Flat for sale.

You may do a final check here

1. Register Your Intention to Sell via HDB Resale Portal

If there are joint owners, only one of you will need to register.

To register, send in your application via the HDB Resale Portal.

Once registered, you will be able to get more information like:

Ethnic Integration Policy: Check your flat’s Singapore Permanent Resident (EIP/SPR) Quota. This will help you to determine which buyers are eligible to buy your flat. You can check it here.  

Check if your HDB flat is affected by any Upgrading or Estate Renewal Program, as the owner of the flat will be responsible to pay for upgrading costs.

If you prefer direct clarification, you can also visit your nearest HDB Branch.

Note: Only owners are allowed to register for intent to sell in HDB Resale Portal. Agents are strictly not allowed to register on behalf of the owner.

2. Put up Your HDB Flat for Sale Online

HDB will notify you of your eligibility of the sale of your HDB flat within 7 days of your registration for sale on the HDB Resale Portal. If all goes well, you’re now ready to get a buyer!

When you sell without an agent, you will have all the freedom to make your own decisions. You can also list your HDB flat for sale on different online platforms such as DGuruproperties.

How to attract buyers with your HDB listing on DGuruproperties.

  1. Pictures – Nice worthy looking pictures of your HDB flat.  Choose the best ones for your sale listing to attract your buyer!
  2. Price – Price your HDB flat right for sale. Check the right price for your HDB flat, so that you can attract your buyers.  Not too high, that you scare your buyers away and not too low, that you undersell your home.
    You can get the best estimates of your HDB flat price from the latest HDB Median Resale Prices in your neighbourhood.
  3. More Information – Give right information on your HDB flat for sale.  When listing your HDB flat for sale online, provide descriptions best for your listing.

    It is easy to list your HDB Flat for sale on Dguruproperties platform to attract the right potential buyers.

List your HDB flat for sale for 30-days here.  It is simple, fast and efficient.

Your listing will appear on the site to attract buyers for 30 days.

In your sales listing, you can include information like nearby amenities and tenure period.

Include also the number of bathrooms, level, features and decor.

You can also include information like:

  • Neighbourhood Offerings & Amenities – like amenities like nearby malls, food centers, shops or any unique local amenities surrounding your flat
  • MRTs near you – Buyers might search for homes near MRTs, mention nearest MRT from your home.  Buyers may want to also check out the Proximity Housing Grant, near their parents’ home.

Your HDB sales listing in DGuruproperties will also be featured in popular social media like facebook, Instagram and Youtube for massive and better exposure to reach your buyer.

To value add the sales, you may also purchase your residential floor plan from HDB here.

3. Grant Your Buyer the HDB Option to Purchase (OTP)

After agreeing on the selling price with your buyer, offer him/her an official HDB Option-to-Purchase (OTP).

You may download and print out the HDB Option-to-Purchase (OTP) form and sign it.  The HDB OTP form is the ONLY legal contract between you and your buyer.

Your buyer should pay you an Option Fee in exchange for your signed OTP. An option Fee ranging from S$1,000-S$5,000 is recommended to ensure commitment from the buyer.

Once your buyer and you have signed the HDB OTP, it will be valid for 21 days. The buyer has to confirm his/her decision during this period. You are not able to offer another OTP to another buyer during this 21-days period.

Then, two scenarios might happen:

  1. If the buyer does not exercise the OTP before the deadline, you can keep the option fee.
  2. If the buyer exercises the OTP, he/she will proceed to pay you a deposit called the Option Exercise Fee before signing on the OTP Form. These fees will be deducted from the total sum payable for the successful sale transaction.

Make sure that you mutually agree the terms clearly with your buyer. 

The Housing and Development Act considers any third-party contracts/agreements invalid.

Now your sales journey is nearly completed!

4. Submit The Resale Application to HDB

Submit your final OTP contract with the required documents for approval!

Next, a resale application document should be submitted online to the HDB Resale Portal by both the seller and buyer, within 7 days once either party has handed it in.

These are the documents you have to include in the application:

  • OTP contract details
  • Seller Particulars
  • Buyer Particulars
  • Existing loans with HDB / Financial Institutions
  • Declarations of Purchase

5. Endorse the Resale Documents Through the HDB Resale Portal

After receiving your resale documents, HDB will review the documents to ensure both the buyer and seller have met all the eligibility.  Once reviewed and approved, the final approval will be forwarded to you and your buyer.

6. Pay Resale Fees Online

Also, you have to pay an admin fee for the process to sell your HDB flat online – $40 for a 1 or 2-room flat, and $80 for a 3-room or bigger flat.

7. Voila! Last Step! Time to Attend Your HDB Resale Completion Appointments!

Once finalized, and all your documents submitted are reviewed, HDB will send you their approval letter.

This means the sale transaction has been approved.

Check with your buyer and mutually agree on an appointment date that you can schedule with HDB for the sales transaction.

Once all documents are signed during the appointment, it is time to hand over the keys and complete your HDB Sales transaction!


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Tip: Apply for a Temporary Extension of Stay if you’re unable to move out immediately. View the conditions here

Selling your HDB Flat on Your Own, Made Easy!

With this easy step by step guide, you can easily do this on your own, even if you are a first time seller.

Selling your own HDB flat would save you the 2% commission fee.

Imagine if your HDB flat sells for S$500,000, a house agent will cost you $10,000 (based on 2% commission fee)!

You can invest in renovation or furnishing your new home with this savings!

This transaction is made easy with our easy to follow steps to guide you along the way.

All you have to do is take some time to go through this guide that offers you easy to follow step by step to sell your HDB flat online.

Save money while you enjoy the process. You will find your HDB flat buyer soon.

Begin your journey to sell your HDB flat HERE, and remember to share this article to benefit your friends or relatives who are looking to sell their HDB flat!